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Billing and Revenue Management
One of the most important parameter in the success of the operators in this highly competitive and changing digital economy is innovation. The transition towards the digital economy is boosted by ascend of LTE. While the CSPs are enjoying the benefits of LTE including low cost per bit of data and new revenue streams of high-speed data-led services, they are also facing the crunch of highly competitive and evolving market which is continuously pushing them to serve the customers better. This leads to the need of putting a highly flexible, real-time and scalable charging system by adopting real-time charging/OCS and abandoning legacy IN, which were initially designed for voice services, are not compatible for data service innovation, time to market, customer experience and cost.
Crestel OCS, a highly flexible, real-time, prepaid-postpaid convergent rating & charging engine, meets the next generation IP, FTTH/HFC, wire line and wireless networks. Its integrated platform permits complex, value-added data, voice and video services to be launched rapidly accommodating a range of discounts, pricing plans and promotional offers. Crestel OCS also offers various business reports and an intuitive GUI which assists the operator. To increase the customer loyalty and ARPU, Crestle OCS has various offerings like real-time notifications, advice of charge real time recharge etc.
Crestel OCS engine facilitates real-time and near real time rating and charging, enabling operators to unify billing processes for all customers. It achieves convergence at the network, service and catalog levels. It proactively minimizes revenue leakage, errors and fraud throughout the entire customer lifecycle by managing rate rules in a centralized interface.
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